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Pond Liners

You will find all the resources you need for your pond project. We have a FREE pond liner calculator and many many links for suppliers of good quality and affordable Pond Liners.

Unless your garden surface is just above the water table you will need a pond liner to stop all your water from soaking away. There is a wide choice of pond liners but the best choices are pre-formed or butyl. PVC liners are available from most DIY stores but they take the same amount of effort to install and they are degraded after a couple of years exposure to the sun. We would highly recommend not bothering with PVC, as whilst they are cheaper in the first instance, they are a nuisance when they fail, and the replacement cost makes them more expensive in the medium or long term. A good quality butyl pond liner will last a lifetime and a pre-formed pond will too. Take a look around our site and find one that suits you. Enjoy your pond!

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Common types of ponds

Pond liners for Koi ponds

Koi ponds don't have to have ONLY koi. Typically they'll have 90% koi, but will also include Orf or other decorative fish. Sometimes green tench or other "cleaner fish" are introduced to do a certain job. A koi ponds needs to be of considerable size, due to the requirements of koi in terms of volume of water. They need the most powerful filtration systems in terms of decorative fish and should have a UV light to kill various water bourne pests.
In koi ponds the most important part is the fish. The other plants and various other living elements are second to the fish.

Koi can reach thousands of pounds in value, but koi breeders are very VERY picky. Don't grow a koi expecting it to be worth a lot of money. Grow them for the immense pleasure that you'll get from sitting next to them on a warm summers evening and admiring their relaxing beauty.

Pond liners for informal ponds (nature ponds or goldfish ponds).

Informal ponds are probably the easiest to look after and can provide the largest amount of enjoyment. You won't have to worry about losing a fish in the same way that koi ponds owners do. Koi pond owners have a "relationship" with each fish and can be dismayed to see one sick or lost. That happens less with a goldfish pond and you get all the added wildlife of frogs, toads, newts, various water bugs and even ducks.
Informal ponds are by far the best ponds for children, although always make sure there is adequate safety with little ones. All water is dangerous as children are drawn to it. They'll have a lifetime of memories of dipping their nets into the pond after a tadpole or water beetle - just ensure they are safe.

Pond liners for formal Ponds (without Koi)

Sometimes the pond itself can be the feature. With waterfalls and fountains being common features of both koi and informal ponds, some people get so carried away with what they can achieve that the POND is the feature and not the contents. A beautiful water garden with a relaxing stream can be created in virtually any garden no matter how small. It won't stay empty of life for long though. Even fish will eventually find their way into a pond in a garden - simply from their eggs sticking to the feathers and legs of birds.

Each of these ponds has one thing in common....

The very BEST way to make it and enjoy it, is with a high quality butyl pond liner from www.pondliners.co.uk


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