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We are the UK's favourite pond liner site. Well, OK, not the busiest, but in terms of people typing the domain name straight in to their browser we're TOPS!

FREE Pond Liner Calculator

Use the form below to calculate the size of the liner you need for your pond.

You need to measure the widest possible point in metres (i.e. 167cm would be entered as 1.67) and the longest possible length (again in metres). Enter these with the maximum depth (i.e. the deepest part of your proposed pond). The calculator will work out your minimum required size liner including adding 30cm each side for overlap.

This calculator will work for irregular shaped ponds such as the one shown. If you have an extremely complex shape (such as an "H" shape or something) then please contact a local expert as it gets quite complicated.


Enter the widest dimensions of your pond:

Maximum Pond Length  Metres   free pond liner calculator
Maximum Pond Width  Metres
Maximum Pond Depth Metres
Meters example
Required liner - (the suggested figure below includes our recommended overlap allowance of 30cm each side (60cm total) on both the length and width.
Length Metres
Width Metres


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