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We are the UK's favourite pond liner site. Well, OK, not the busiest, but in terms of people typing the domain name straight in to their browser we're TOPS!

Garden Pond Liners

Many a happy memory is built around the family garden pond.

People relax around water and have been drawn to it from since man popped his head from his cave and headed to the watering hole.

Monks in the middle ages started farming carp in monastic ponds and would find great pleasure in feeding their "pets" vegatable scraps. Obviously it's less likely that you'll end up eating the contents of your pond, but you'll still get that wonderful feeling of sitting next to a thing of beauty and relaxation.

Children and Ponds

Children are drawn to ponds by an invisible hand. Their safety has to be a priority if you have or want a pond. Remember that your (or visiting) little ones WILL lean over to see that tadpole, so adequate supervision or safety equipment is advised. That said, what wonderful memories to think back on catching your first newt in a net and looking at it in your jam jar. Tadpoles can be transferred to a glass bowl indoors to watch the wonder of legs appearing as the metamorphosise takes place (if you ever want to try this - boil lettuce leaves for about 8 minutes and then place them on a card or lid and freeze them. Drop some in every day and watch your little black munchers gobble it up. Once they have four legs and the tail starts to shrink - get them back to the pond as they are not easy to feed in a tank and will want to climb out searching for microscopic insects).

Pre-formed or Butyl pond liner?

Preformed ponds are not as easy to put in the ground as they first look. Your hole has to be exact and that's not an easy task. They still need a soft surface underneath to prevent damage - so why not have the EXACT shape you want and go for butyl. A butyl pond liner will last for 20 years if looked after and look far more natural.

Pre-formed ponds are NEVER deep enough for koi - so please don't try!


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